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Club Officers 2003/2004

For an up to date list of telephone numbers please consult your Mews letter


Mr Douglas Morgans

Vice Presidents

Jemima Parry-Jones MBE

Nancy de Bastyia

Ian Blantern


Dave Dimond


Vice Chairman

Bryan Patterson



Jan France


Jean Dimond

Austringer Editor

Diana Durman-Walters

Co-ordinator &Conservation officer

Andy Hulme

Breeding Officer

Lee Featherstone

Field Officer

Neil McCann

Press & Publicity

Dave Jones

Mews Letter Editor

Tony France


Jan France

Members Secretary

Kevin Simcox

Legal Officer

Tom Jones

Hon Club Vets

Dick Best

Richard Jones

Honorary Members

Dr Nick Fox

Mike Clowes

Andy Barnes

Christian de Coune

Janor Toth

Stephen Frank

Deiter Horvath

Terry Large

Gary Morris

Mikloss Kiss de Nemesker

Graham Rossiter

Mick & Ann Shuttleworth

Diana Durman-Walters

Hal Webster

The secretary of the Californian Hawking Club, N.America

The secretary of the Cape Falconry Club, S.Africa