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Welcome to the Bath Region

The region meets on the first Wednesday of the month at The Bull Inn, Hinton, Nr. Bath.
We have a variety of speakers throughout the year giving talks on falconry and related subjects.


Regional Chairman: Dave Jones
Regional Secretary: Chris Selman

Regional Treasurer: Chris Selman
Regional Club Representative: Dave Jones

For further details contact Chris Selman on 01934 645969


End of season report 2003/04


Last day of the season

Once again we've had a good year, with many speakers from the full spectrum of Raptor Life. Hawk and Owl trust, Police Wildlife Liaison Officer, Roger Upton, Nick Fox and Terry Large to name but a few.


I would like to welcome young Chris Selman, a young falconer, as our new secretary and treasurer, and to thank Tony Ellis for his past support.

Throughout the year we've had our highs and lows with old members taking a break from the bar and new members turning up to meet other falconers and learn how to hold a pint of beer. It's been nice to see young blood joining our region and turn up on a regular basis. On club nights Roy and Kevin Wellings of Falcon Fayre have provided us with top quality Falconry Furniture and Nick and Lynn Haverman-Mart of Honeybrook Farm have supplied our members and guests with top quality frozen hawk food. I would like to thank both these companies for their support.


Buzz's last kill


We have had several small individual field meets set up by our regional members that have provided some good sport. I organised a weekend in Devon with five other falconers. Two guests joined us (They had bid the highest for a days hawking in a Countryside Alliance auction). The guests were spoilt with dramatic flights from Goshawks and a Longwing, taking 15 pheasants, 3 partridge, 2 mallard and 1 crow.

Our regional meetings are informal and laidback. The Bull Inn, Hinton is our gathering place for a good hawk chat and on a good month you can catch Dave and Jean Dimond taking a well earned break at the bar.


Dave Jones - regional Chairman


Mick Tucker on the last day of the season